COVID-19 Update

FMS Bank branch lobbies are open effective June 15, 2020. While we’re hopeful to soon return to normal operating procedures, our priority will continue to be the health and safety of our employees, customers and our communities. We are not requiring customers to wear face masks, but for security purposes we ask you to please remove your mask briefly to identify yourself before coming in.

Should you have further questions or need banking assistance over the phone, please call your local Greeley branch at (970) 673-4501 or your Fort Morgan branch at (970) 867-3319.

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Personal Loans

FMS Bank offers a complete array of loan products. Our knowledgeable experts are here to design the best options for you.

Loan Type Description Information needed to apply:
Home Equity Use the equity in your home to finance expected or unexpected expenses or projects.
  • 2 current paystubs
  • Any other pertinent asset information
  • Insurance information
Personal Loans and lines of credit to meet your specific needs.
  • 2 current paystubs
  • Any other pertinent asset information
Auto Comprehensive rates and terms available to fit your auto-buying budget.
  • 2 most recent pay stubs
  • Any other pertinent asset information
  • Insurance Information
Revolving Credit Account The best way to assure your checks are paid every time.
  • 2 current paystubs
  • Any other pertinent asset information
Agriculture Loans designed for our agri-business customers.
  • 3 years tax returns
  • Current business financials
  • Current personal financials
  • Any other pertinent asset information

Major Life Transactions can be overwhelming. Click on this link to for information that can help you manage some major financial decisions that may come your way.

Financing Education – This program will help you understand the costs associated with financing an education and navigate the application and repayment process.