COVID-19 Update

FMS Bank branch lobbies are open effective June 15, 2020. While we’re hopeful to soon return to normal operating procedures, our priority will continue to be the health and safety of our employees, customers and our communities. We are not requiring customers to wear face masks, but for security purposes we ask you to please remove your mask briefly to identify yourself before coming in.

Should you have further questions or need banking assistance over the phone, please call your local Greeley branch at (970) 673-4501 or your Fort Morgan branch at (970) 867-3319.

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Simply Secure Plus Monitoring Services

Monitoring Services

For just $10.95 per month or $120 annually Simply Secure Plus powered by Cyber Scout goes beyond credit monitoring alone to provide total identity management protection. Advanced digital power scours millions of pieces of identity data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and alerts users if suspicious activity is detected.

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Simply Secure Plus

Simply Secure Plus monitoring includes:

  • Three-Bureau Monitoring, Report, and Score – Daily monitoring of your personal records, including email alerts for any changes and an annual credit report and score tabulated from your TransUnion, Experian and Equifax credit files
  • Change of Address Monitoring – Learn about changes to your USPS information that could indicate attempts to divert mail or open accounts in your name
  • Social Security Number Trace Monitoring – Review names, aliases, and address history associated with your Social Security number for signs of fraud
  • Court Records Monitoring – Makes sure criminal acts are not reported under your identity
  • Sex Offender Registry Notification – Make sure sex offender is not using your identity, and learn about the sex offenders who are registered in your zip code
  • Payday Loan Monitoring with Initial Report and Email Alerts – Make sure criminals are not taking out a payday or quick cash loans which do not require a credit inquiry
  • Cyber Monitoring – Rest more easily knowing the internet is monitored daily for potentially fraudulent transactions using stolen personal information