Fraud Center – Keeping You Simply Secure

Identity theft is a major concern in today’s cyber-connected world. It can occur when someone uses your name, Social Security number, credit card or bank account number without your authorization. With this information, they can fraudulently open accounts, make purchases, empty your bank account and damage your credit.

We offer these tools and resources to help protect you and your family from identity theft or fraud. It’s an integral part of our commitment to Banking Made Simple®

Unrequested authentication email or text message

If you have received an authentication text message or email containing a six-digit security code that was not requested, this could be an indication of fraudulent account activity. The best way to protect your account is to log in and change your password immediately, review your accounts for any unrecognized transactions, and contact your local FMS branch. A bank representative will be able to check your account login history to determine if there were any fraudulent account login attempts and advise on any needed next steps. Note that other than to login online, FMS Bank will never ask for your received security code, so please do not share it with anyone.

Resolution Services
FREE for all personal checking account customers & resident family members. Suspect your identity has been compromised? Call our fraud specialists at 877-432-7463.

Monitoring Services
Stay ahead of the threat and keep peace of mind. For a low monthly fee of $10.95 or $120 annually, these sophisticated monitoring services help give you an early warning of suspicious credit and fraud activity.

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Fraud Prevention Resources
Simply Secure offers you the ability to arm yourself with the resources you need to fight identity thieves. Use the FREE Knowledge Center and ID RiskCompass to learn how you can prevent fraud and identity theft.

Financial Education Tools
Managing your finances can seem overwhelming and complex. Check out this page for trusted education resources and tools to help.