Skybound professional pilot program

Putting futures in flight.

Skybound is our flight school student loan program that allows us to partner with flight academies to help prospective pilots across the country reach new heights—and new careers. We believe no dream should be cut short due to financial constraints. From increased graduation rates to flexible payment options, Skybound is committed to going above and beyond to help our clients and partners succeed both professionally and financially. Unlike big banks, FMS meets students where they are on their financial and academic journey, working together to create a lending solution that becomes a benefit, not a burden.


Why Skybound?

  • We’re a flight school financing solution founded on relationships.
  • We work with you to create flexible repayment options best suited to your needs.
  • Bigger banks expect you to fit their needs—we believe in the opposite.
  • We understand the needs of today’s students, and that a one-size plan doesn’t fit all.
  • We put your needs first, and have the retention and student success rates to prove it.

At FMS, our family of financial experts and advisors are in the business of giving prospective pilots the support they need to soar. In fact, our very own CEO and Chairman, John Sneed, is a licensed pilot himself.

From take-offs to textbooks, we’re proud to support flight school students with financial peace of mind that helps them invest in what matters most.

For more information, contact:
Austin Elsey, SVP, Skybound Marketing Manager
(970) 978-4510