Simply Secure ID Theft Resolution/Recovery Services

Will you know what to do if your identity is stolen?

FMS Simply Secure Identity Resolution Services, powered by CyberScout, is provided at no charge to all FMS Bank personal checking account holders and their resident family members. There are no forms to fill out.

A simple phone call will start you toward recovery. A dedicated, on-call fraud specialist will provide assistance to help restore your identity to pre-theft status – handling the entire notification and documentation process. Victims receive one year of free credit and fraud monitoring, plus follow-up.

Coverage includes up to $25,000 reimbursement with a $0 deductible. Get help restoring your credit and good name, if your identity is stolen, and reimbursement of up to $25,000 per policy period for covered expenses.

Anytime a covered person suspects their identity has been compromised, call 877-432-7463 and ask to be connected to a CyberScout specialist.

Receive unlimited assistance to restore your identity including the handling of notification and documentation processes.

Secure Identity Management

Gain unlimited access to a fraud specialist to:

  • Limit damages from stolen data after a break-in
  • Respond to notices after personal information is exposed by a third-party organization
  • Fight tax fraud and secure your refund
  • Assist with power of attorney and legal guardianship questions
  • And more

Simply Secure Document Replacement

Get help with replacing lost, stolen or destroyed identification such as:

  • Passports
  • Credit or debit cards
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Social Security cards
  • Medicare/Medicaid cards
  • Birth certificates