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Stay Up To Date On Our System Update.

We want to make the transition as easy for you as possible, starting with letting you know what’s happening, when it’s happening, what you need to do before it happens, and what you can do while it’s happening. And it just so happens that you’ll find all that information right here.

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Here is what will be happening.

Friday, November 11

Online bill pay will be unavailable beginning at 5 pm. Please make any payments before 5 p.m. on Friday, November 11. Already scheduled payments will process as scheduled after this date.

Wednesday, November 16

Please stop using your Visa® debit card and begin using your new Mastercard®. If you don’t receive your card by November 16th please give us a call.

Thursday, November 17

Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile Check Deposit, Telephone Banking and Business Remote Deposit Capture will not be available after 5 p.m. on Thursday, November 17, so please check your account balances and make any transfers prior to that time.

Saturday, November 19

Limited telephone customer service will be available from 8 am – 4 pm.

Sunday, November 20

All branches will be closed.

Monday, November 21

All systems are scheduled to be available and running as usual.

Need to access your funds during our upgrade weekend?

ATMs will be operational and debit cards will be accessible for withdrawals and purchases. Balance inquiries will be unavailable after 5 p.m. on November 17, and will be available again on November 21.

How to prepare.

FMS Bank has been diligently preparing for a major system upgrade: an initiative to improve your banking experience. This initiative will allow our systems to efficiently process our growth and scale to additional capacity.

This new technology is scheduled to go live on Monday, November 21, 2022. While much of our upgrade will happen behind the scenes, here’s what you can expect in the week leading up to the live date

A few simple steps to help you get ready.

Watch your email and mailbox for more information.

Step 1

Please make sure your current contact information (phone number, email address and mailing address) is correct. You can check your information by logging In to your online banking profile.

Step 2

We recommend downloading the last three months of account statements and printing your bill payee information. Also, identify any recurring payments that are tied to your current Visa® debit card. These payments will need to be reestablished with your new Mastercard® debit card.

We strongly advise synching your banking information with QuickBooks®/Quicken® prior to 5:00 pm on 11/16/22.

Step 3

Keep an eye out for our system upgrade communications. We will continue to send out reminders and notices as we get closer to the upgrade.

Step 4

Be mindful that mobile/online banking will be unavailable from the evening of Thursday, November 17 through Sunday, November 20. Please conduct any online/mobile banking before Thursday evening. Online/mobile banking will be available again at 7 a.m. on November 21.

What to expect.

We are excited to provide a more efficient and streamlined way to serve you. You’ll receive the same high-level service you’ve come to expect from FMS Bank, with new features on our end to make us even more effective when it comes to servicing our customers. The upgrade will affect some aspects of your personal accounts. However, your account numbers, checks and online bill pay information WILL NOT CHANGE.

What will change.

There are a few changes our customers will see once the new system goes live on November 21, such as:

  • You will receive a Mastercard® debit card to replace your Visa® debit card
  • Your online/mobile banking password will need to be updated (username stays the same)
  • QuickBooks®/Quicken® linking will need to be disconnected and reconnected
  • Mobile app
  • Telephone banking

When our new system goes live on November 21, you will need to update your online/mobile banking password. We will be sending further instruction on how to do this soon. Please refer to the FAQs section and schedule for more information.

What’s new.

Debit Cards:

  • Tap-to-pay
  • Mobile Wallets (Coming early 2023)
  • Improved card controls through digital and mobile banking


Why are you upgrading your online banking system?
This upgrade will help us make banking even easier and to serve you and our community even better.
Will I be able to use online/mobile app banking throughout the upgrade?
No, online and mobile banking will be unavailable after 5 p.m. Nov. 17 through Nov. 20. On Monday, Nov. 21, our branch lobby will be open, and at 7 a.m., online/mobile banking will be accessible again. To prepare, you can download the new FMS Bank app beginning on Saturday, November 19, so that you’re ready to update your password and log in on Monday. To ensure a smooth transition, we will provide more communication on updating your password in the coming weeks
Will my monthly bank statements change?
Yes, monthly statements will have a new design. During the first run of statements after the upgrade, your statement may come at a different time than you’re used to. For eStatement subscribers, up to the last two years of eStatements will be available online on our new system. Prior to the upgrade, please download your last three months of statements. It may take up to two weeks for those to be available online.
Can I use ATMs and my bank card during the upgrade?
Your new Mastercard® debit card will function normally during the upgrade.
When will my Visa® debit card deactivate?
Your FMS Bank Visa® debit card will officially deactivate on Wednesday, November 16. To begin using your new FMS Bank Mastercard® debit card, please call the number on the front of the card to activate it on or after Wednesday, November 16. Credit cards will be unaffected.
Will I need new checks?
No, you can continue using all the checks you already have.
Will my information be secure throughout the upgrade?
Yes, your security is always our top priority, and your account information will remain protected at every step of this upgrade.
What if the upgrade takes longer than expected?
We do not anticipate any delays in completing the upgrade, but if the upgrade extends beyond the currently scheduled dates we’ll let you know on our website and social media pages.
Where can I go for help if I have more questions?
If you have questions, please call or visit the branch prior to, or after, the upgrade weekend. For additional information, go to, or call 970-542-9986 on Saturday, Nov. 19, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. This customer service line was created for upgrade-specific assistance. We are more than happy to help!
Will I need a new mobile app?
Yes, you’ll need to get our new mobile app. You can delete your old version and download the new one starting November 21. While the two will look similar, you’ll need the new app to take advantage of all our mobile banking has to offer.
Why is the bank switching my debit card from Visa® to Mastercard®?
We periodically review all our relationships to ensure we are offering the best experience for you. Changing from Visa® to Mastercard® allows us to offer a better overall service to our customers.
What will change with my debit card?
Your new Mastercard® debit card has a fresh look. It will work in the same way as your Visa® debit card but with the addition of some great new features, such as Tap to Pay. Your new card will be automatically connected to your same checking account.
When will I receive my new Mastercard® debit card?
Your new card will be sent out toward the end of October. For your security, the cards will be mailed in a discreet envelope with the return address of our branch in Fort Morgan (520 Sherman St, Fort Morgan, CO 80701). If you don’t receive your new card by November 16th, please give us a call so we can assist you.
What do I need to do to prepare for my debit card update?
Here’s what you need to do after you receive your new Mastercard® debit card: • On or after November 16th, call the number on the sticker on the front of the card to activate your card and create a PIN. • You must activate your new Mastercard® debit card by December 31, 2022. • Your Mastercard® debit card has a new card number, expiration date and security code. Remember to update your payment details on any websites you use frequently and notify any merchants if you have provided your card information for scheduled payments or recurring purchases. • You can add your new Mastercard® debit card to your preferred digital wallet. Your old Visa® debit card will stop working on November 16th. Be sure to destroy your Visa® card once it is no longer active.
When can I use my new Mastercard® debit card?
You may use your new Mastercard® debit card as soon as you activate it. You will be able to use your new card to make purchases and withdraw cash at ATMs, just as you do now.
I’m having trouble logging in to online banking.